Blog Contributors

Our regular blog contributors are members or friends of CBE chapters in Australia, or are simply sympathetic to our cause.

Tania Harris

Tania is a pastor, speaker, and founder of God Conversations. She has a diverse history as church planter, pastor, and Bible College lecturer, and is a popular voice on radio in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Ministry researching peoples’ experiences hearing God’s voice. Tania is an ordained minister with the Australian Christian Churches. Hillsong is her church home in Sydney.

Karina Kreminski

Rev Dr Karina Kreminski lives in Sydney’s inner city.  She has 15 years of ministry experience and was senior pastor in a suburban Baptist church for 8 years. Karina is currently a lecturer of Missional Studies and is a part of the Tinsley Institute team at Morling College. She blogs at and is a regular contributor at Missio Alliance.

Marg Mowczko

Marg lives on the Central Coast of NSW and is vice president of CBE-Sydney. She has a BTh, and an MA in early Christian and Jewish studies. Marg writes on the subject of Christian egalitarianism for her website and her work has appeared in several publications of CBE-International.

Martin Shields

Dr Martin Shields is an Honorary Associate of the Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies at the University of Sydney. He received his BTh from Moore Theological College before completing an MTh (hons) through the United Theological College on the topic of “Man and Woman in Genesis 1–3.” His PhD from the University of Sydney is on the book of Ecclesiastes. He blogs sporadically at “Shields Up”.

Bronwen Speedie

Bronwen lives in Perth and is chaplain in a public school. She has a BA in history (University of Western Australia) and has completed a Diploma of Ministry from Perth Bible College. She has led children’s, youth and cross-cultural ministries for many years, and is involved through her current church with refugee advocacy. Bronwen’s passion for biblical equality has led her to write a Bible study called, Men & Women: God’s Design, and she blogs at God’s Design-Perth.

Jean Thompson

Jean lives in Brisbane. She is currently completing a Master of Divinity at Brisbane School of Theology, and concurrently undertaking a postgraduate degree in teaching English Second Language. Jean blogs occasionally at Just a Speck of Dust Dancing in the Sonlight.

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